Alina (xseventy7) wrote in lastgangintown,

Strummer + B.A.D?

Ah. Ok, I dunno if I'm the last to find out about this.
Joe co wrote songs with mick on the b.a.d album No. 10, Upping St??
I knew he had prouduced c'mon every beatbox, but that he had also helped write some songs with mick?

Ah, I had always gotten the impression that strummer/jones would never be seen again outside clash. So, I got a big suprise when I found out this. I dunno exactly which songs, only V thirteen and sightsee mc, but i think they're more.

Mm. Well, I wasn't sure how common knowledge this is. But i figured I better post it incase some people would be interested.

I just find it strange I never seen it really mentioned anyway, just that he prouduced c'mon every beatbox, but nothing about the cowriting. I just found out it by coincidence.

ofcourse, it isn't anything like the clash. but still. ;)
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