Alina (xseventy7) wrote in lastgangintown,

So, I'm just wondering, does everybody have like offline friends who like the clash too?

Cause, like none of my friends like the clash. Well, some does like a couple of songs, but mostly i'm just all alone with my little obsession.

And most don't understand it either, it's like "wtf, it's just a band". Oh, I do keep mostly quiet about it offline.
I guess I kept mentioning them alittle too much to my best friend, cause now everytime I mention them she sighs and kind of give me a "wtf you're obsessed" look. So now I just say like "Oh yeah, there is this song" or "oh, there is this band" without saying it's the clash.

So, how are your friends?

I do apologize for spelling/grammar/weirdness or whatever in this post but i'm not feeling well and i'm bored. That's usally not a good combination.
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