Alina (xseventy7) wrote in lastgangintown,

Strummer + B.A.D?

Ah. Ok, I dunno if I'm the last to find out about this.
Joe co wrote songs with mick on the b.a.d album No. 10, Upping St??
I knew he had prouduced c'mon every beatbox, but that he had also helped write some songs with mick?

Ah, I had always gotten the impression that strummer/jones would never be seen again outside clash. So, I got a big suprise when I found out this. I dunno exactly which songs, only V thirteen and sightsee mc, but i think they're more.

Mm. Well, I wasn't sure how common knowledge this is. But i figured I better post it incase some people would be interested.

I just find it strange I never seen it really mentioned anyway, just that he prouduced c'mon every beatbox, but nothing about the cowriting. I just found out it by coincidence.

ofcourse, it isn't anything like the clash. but still. ;)
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After Joe snapped out of his REBEL PUNK CUT THE CRAP ROCK ON phase, he set out to mend his relationship with Mick. He did just about everything for BAD short of appearing on stage with them.
Oh. it's in a clash book to isn't it, return of the last gang or something?
That would explain why I was so behind with it. I've yet to read any clash books:(
Too bad he wasn't on stage with them, that would've been so awesome.