Alina (xseventy7) wrote in lastgangintown,

So, I just joined here. I was bored and surfing around and found this.
I love the clash, so it's always nice to meet more clash fans;) i'm already a member of the joe strummer and the mick jones communities but none for the clash as whole.

and I was just browsing through the enteries and I noticed that somebody had asked about the charlie don't surf lyrics, and I wasn't sure the reply would get noticed so i post it here anyway, for all you others too.
Charlie don't surf is also about the movie, Apocalypse Now. If you've seen it, there's somebody there who was a surfer. Eh, I can't really explain well. So basically it's charlie don't surf and we think he should (can't remember exact lyrics) is that he shouldn't go to war, he should surf and be home instead.
And as somebody said, charlie as the name for the "enemy" but i can't remember the surfer guys name.

I know it's from apocalypse now, but i'm nore 100% of my own explanation, it could be somethingelse. but it seems pretty reasonable.

anyway, in short, this seems like a nice clash community, and not like one of those "OMG I LOVE DA CLASH SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO IS SO PUNXRAWK" ones.
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