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Yelena is the most beautiful girl in the world

Right right.

I think we made the Clash proud by screaming obscenities in the presence of small children. The best of which was Lena be_my_wonder's "FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (actual quote.)

She happened to be screaming this because God Joe Strummer tried to tell us that our Ancient Greek homework was not worth doing.

Lena's note: Colin looks like Paul right now, because his hair is all over the place. I'm sure mine is too, but I can't exactly relate myself to any member of the Clash, seeing as how I don't have a...penis (or Paul's boyish good looks).

So, to get back to the story, God Joe Strummer decided to whip out some wind and blow my entire folder all over the athletic field. It was funny.

Lena's note: It was hilarious. Little kids were chasing the papers around for us, and as soon as they were done, God Joe sent another gust of wind which blew Colin's other notebook...everywhere.

And the teddy grahams fell off of the cliff, along with Lena's pinstriped jacket...and her cellphone.

P.S. Matt Angle was writing something, and the computer screwed him over, so he said, "I hate the government". And Mrs. St John just dropped something. And Ian is walking towards us, so goodbye.
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